What a wonderful day in Chemnitz - Impressions from June 23, 2007

The Summit Children's Touring Choir had an amazing second day in Chemnitz - only to be topped by their second formal concert in the packed Markuskirche. Prior to presenting another much appreciated performance, the singers had participated in a treasure hunt at Fortress Rochburg and made new friends at the Begegnungsfest with local kids at the "Kraftwerk" - a youth club right in the heart of Chemnitz.

Upon arrival at the Markuskirche, the Americans were welcomed by several hundred people in the audience - we even added extra seats! Seeing a lot of the German students they had met on Friday and Saturday was a very emotional experience for the singers and vice versa.

The choir and Arlene Jacobs received minute-long applause and standing ovations from everyone in the audience. Their new friends from the Waldorfschule could not wait until the singers had officially left the stage, but ran up to them to hug and shake hands and continue the new but thriving friendship.

Kudos to SCS for an outstanding performance that brought tears of joy to many eyes and turned strangers into friends. Visit Incantato's web album for more photos.

We all at Incantato Concert Management appreciate how much you enjoy these updates and thank you for your kind emails. The blog will not be as active while the group is in the Czech Republic due to technical limitations. However, we will continue to post daily updates about the concerts.

Have a great day, Sandra (now in Italy)