Spiritual experience in the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua

The Choir of the Sound participated in a spiritual and emotional High Mass at the Basilica of St. Anthony, in Padua on June 28, 2007. This very special performance during their 2007 Performance Tour to Italy arranged by Incantato Concert Management was a true highlight for many singers and director Judy Filibeck.

While only a few in the group had even heard of Sant' Antiono da Padova prior to this journey, everyone was moved by the beauty and history of this amazing shrine built for one of the most beloved Saints. His remains have been guarded there for over eight centuries now and millions of people come to Padua (Padova in Italian) annually to pay their respects and pray to St. Anthony for support and strength.

The Franciscan friars and sisters made the choir feel very welcome and their performance was much appreciated. The Rector-Father himself held the Holy Mass that day and gave a special blessing to the choir, their family and friends. "St. Anthony will watch over you and protect you", he said and thanked the group for coming all the way from America to Italy and especially for singing at the Basilica in Padua. "Your wonderful music made our mass very special. Grazie mille."

For more information on this amazing cathedral visit the official website, or wikipedia.

Here is a direct link to the Choir of the Sound's performance at Sant'Antonio da Padova.