Welcome to Europe - SCS Touring Choir to land in Frankfurt on Tuesday

Willkommen in Deutschland

Following a fantastic "Bon Voyage"-Concert on Wednesday in Akron, Ohio, the singers, family and friends of the Summit Children's Touring Choir - 110 all together - are getting ready to cross the Atlantic on an overnight flight from Chicago to Frankfurt and start their Central European Performance Tour. Take-off is on June 18 and arrival on the morning of the 19th.

At the airport, the travelers will be greeted by their Incantato tour managers, Karolina and Jan. After a short stop in Heidelberg for sightseeing and a quick lunch, the group continues to Speyer. Here, the choir directed by Arlene Jacobs is going to meet fellow German singers and members of the "Junge Chor" under the direction of Marie-Theres Brand. Rumor has it that aside from the opportunity to getting to know each other and rehearsing a few songs for the concert on Wednesday evening, there will be something like 15 or more home-made cakes waiting for the youngsters and their chaperones.

No doubt that Speyer is getting ready for the SCS Touring Choir!

Aside from 50 enormous and huge posters displayed all over town advertising the concert on June 20 at 7 pm at St. Joseph Kirche, the Touring Choir has already received press coverage in the regions most important newspaper, Die Rheinpfalz and is their performance is the featured event on http://www.speyer.de/.

Check out the following link for additional information:

A very nice announcement is also published here:

For an in-depth story on the Touring Choir's visit to Speyer, try to get a hold of the Rheinpfalz Speyer Edition from June 15, 2007. Will try to soon post a pdf here. You can read it on the Incantato Website in the Concerts - In the News section.

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Enjoy and have a great day, Sandra