Choir landed safe and sound

The Summit Children's Touring Choir along with their family & friends who flew out of Chicago on AA landed safe and sound in Frankfurt this morning - with only minor delays. After a brief visit in Heidelberg, they are going to go straight to their "Meet & Greet" with the Junge Chor Speyer and a now impressive amount of 20 cakes waiting for them - plus the two from my grandma. And the weather in the southern part of Germany is great: Sunny skies, high 80s - a perfect welcome.

Unfortunately, the weather back home and in Chicago was not all all that nice on Monday and thus affected the small group leaving straight from Cleveland. While everyone here was hoping to see them today, this won't be the case. Ted from Incantato and our wonderful air expert Suzanne have been on the phones til late last night and are again calling United and AA this morning to help bringing the group together asap.

We'll update you all as soon as we know more.

Alles Liebe aus Deutschland, Sandra