Waldorfschule welcomes SCS to Chemnitz - Singers enjoy exchange with fellow students

After a relaxing day of sightseeing in Eisenach and Erfurt, followed by a fun welcome dinner attended by all SCS travelers, the choir arrived in Chemnitz on Friday morning where the group received a very warm welcome by the students and faculty of the local Waldorfschule.

A special program awaited the Americans: Waldorfschüler from various grades sang, danced and performed for the guests who returned the favor and presented three songs. One of many highlights was singing together as you will see in one of the videos.

For more impressions, check out Incantato's web album for the visit of Waldorfschule:

Have a great day, Sandra from Chemnitz

P.S. Also have a look at the video of "Shiru" and pay special attention to Ruby's "cap" that - after been taking off her head by Dr. Jacobs - made it's round through the German first graders seated in the front rows.