Another amazing concert by COTS, this time in Montecatini Terme

The Choir of the Sound had another exciting day on their 2007 Performance Tour to Italy. Incantato Concert Management arranged for the 52 fine singers from Seattle, WA directed by Judy Filibeck to be the featured guest choir for High Mass at the Duomo di Siena.

On Saturday evening, COTS then presented their third formal concert in the beautiful grand hall of the magnificent Terme Excelsior in the heart of Montecatini Terme. Chairs had to be continually added to accommodate the over 250 in attendance. The choir sounded amazing and the audience was truly moved. Some of the Italian ladies even had tears in their eyes: "Bellissimo!", they complimented the group.

For COTS director Judy Filibeck, the performance in Montecatini was "an excellent opportunity to sing the secular program we brought with us to Italy in a beautiful space with a very appreciative audience." She particularly enjoyed the feedback from the many Italians attending: "We did not expect to have such a large audience. It felt great seeing so many people walking into the grand hall holding the beautiful leaflets advertising our performance in their hands. And their reaction after the concert was amazing. So many came up to the singers and me, to shake our hands, hug and kiss us. We had a wonderful time!"

The audience accepted Judy's invitation to sing along when the program ended with an encore of "Signore", the work COTS was asked to sing by the two Italian choirs co-hosting their forth and last formal concert in Caldiero.

After the concert, the choir went on a ride on the nearby merry-go-round before enjoying an evening at leisure in their host town.
Check our Incantato's web albums for more impressions from the tour.

We hope you enjoy the following video clips of "Oh Susannah", "Signore", "City of Heaven".

COTS has a great day in Florence - Recital at Duomo and several impromptu concerts

They surely are on a performance tour! The Choir of the Sound from Seattle, WA gave several impromptu performances during their visit of Florence on June 29, 2007. The most meaningful was the ensemble's recital in the magnificent Duomo di Firenze arranged by Incantato Concert Management.

During their stay in Florence, the Choir of the Sound visited also the Galleria dell'Accademia containing the famous sculpture by Michelangelo: David.

In these short video clips taken by Angelica, you'll hear and see not just one, but two songs from their impromptu concert at Piazza della Signoria in Florence.

Also visit Incantato's web albums for more impression from the tour.


Summit Choral Society back in the USA

The Summit Children's Touring Choir arrived safely in the States after a wonderful tour of Central Europe with Incantato Tours & Travel. There will be many pictures and stories to be shared with those back home in Akron.

Spiritual experience in the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua

The Choir of the Sound participated in a spiritual and emotional High Mass at the Basilica of St. Anthony, in Padua on June 28, 2007. This very special performance during their 2007 Performance Tour to Italy arranged by Incantato Concert Management was a true highlight for many singers and director Judy Filibeck.

While only a few in the group had even heard of Sant' Antiono da Padova prior to this journey, everyone was moved by the beauty and history of this amazing shrine built for one of the most beloved Saints. His remains have been guarded there for over eight centuries now and millions of people come to Padua (Padova in Italian) annually to pay their respects and pray to St. Anthony for support and strength.

The Franciscan friars and sisters made the choir feel very welcome and their performance was much appreciated. The Rector-Father himself held the Holy Mass that day and gave a special blessing to the choir, their family and friends. "St. Anthony will watch over you and protect you", he said and thanked the group for coming all the way from America to Italy and especially for singing at the Basilica in Padua. "Your wonderful music made our mass very special. Grazie mille."

For more information on this amazing cathedral visit the official website, or wikipedia.

Here is a direct link to the Choir of the Sound's performance at Sant'Antonio da Padova.


Fantastic Finale for the Summit Children's Touring Choir in Vienna - Full house, enticed audience, unforgettable memories

The Summit Children's Touring Choir ended it's 10-day Performance Tour to Central Europe with an unforgettable concert in the stunningly beautiful St. Anna Kirche in the heart of Vienna. Most tickets to the highlight concert benefitting the St. Anna Hospital's Children's Cancer Research Program were sold in advance - the choir had received impressive coverage in the Viennese press. Together with the walk-ins from all over the world, almost every seat in the church was taken, and the concert was a success for everyone involved.

Proudly presented by Incantato Concert Management in cooperation with Kunst & Kultur - ohne Grenzen, the SCS Touring Ensemble impressed its audience in Austria with their inspiring selection of classic and modern works from Bach, Schubert, Schuman, Younger... and last but not least the audience's favorite: "Rhythms of Life".

One very moved gentlemen in the audience, a singer himself, came up to the organizers afterwards to express special gratitude for the choir's performance of the "Ave Maria". The gentlemen, who was well in his sixties and a singer himself, stated that he had not heard this prayer performed in such a beautiful way since his late mother passed. "I was actually praying while I listened to the choir sing it - what a wonderful concert, Dankeschoen", he said.

Enjoy the videos of "Hosanna in excelsis" and "Rhythms of Life" taking during the final concert.

After a fun farewell with Viennese Burgers in the Prater, the choir took a ride on the famous ferris wheel before turning in for their last night overseas. On June 28, 2007, the Summit Children's Touring Choir, their chaperones, friends and family return to Akron, Ohio with an overnight near Chicago.

Everyone at Incantato is honored to have been given the opportunity to work with and for this fine organization and outstanding choir.

Auf Wiedersehen!!!

Venice embraces Choir of the Sound - Mass and Concert on la Serenissima un successo!

The Choir of the Sound continues to impress the audiences in Italy. The ensemble directed by Judy Filibeck received compliments for singing today's High Mass at the Basilica of San Marco in beautfiful Venice by Monsignore Don Camilotto. Also their second formal concert on their 2007 Performance Tour to Italy was success - over 100 people experienced the Seattle choir's "Melodie d'Estate" in San Moisé and thanked the group with several minutes of applause and standing ovations.

Next stop on their tour is beautiful Tuscany where the group will perform several times in Florence, Siena and Montecatini Terme.

Updates from those concerts will include pictures and videos.

Your Incantato Concert Management Team wishes you a great night from Europe.

Summit Touring Choir sings at Stephansdom in Vienna - Priest and audience compliment singers from Ohio

The Summit Children's Touring Choir's day could not have started any better than with singing High Mass and presenting a full formal concert at Austria's most important cathedral: Stephansdom. The singers were very moved as they entered and sang in this amazing church.

A couple hundred people were in the audience and very much enjoyed the concert. We uploaded two videoclips for you: SCS singing "Shine on me" in the Stephansdom and a recording of "Qui tollis" during the rehearsal at St. Anna Kirche where the group will present the final highlight concert on their 2007 Performance Tour with Incantato this evening. Enjoy!

Here are the direct links: "Shine" at Stephansdom and "Qui tollis" at St. Anna Kirche

Highlight Concerts for SCS and COTS

June 27, 2007 is an important day for the two fine choirs currently touring Europe with Incantato Concert Management. Both ensembles are going to perform twice and their very first concert is the most important cathedral of the respective city they are currently in.

The Summit Children's Touring Choir arrived in Vienna yesterday. After a guided tour of the most important sights in Austria's capital city, the singers met with the members of the shadow tour for a joined dinner at the Schloss Thürnlhof where they indulged in local specialties like schnitzel, käsespätzle, sausages, potato salad etc and two yummy strudles. The mashed potatos were a hit with the kids while the adults couldn't get enough of the Wiener Schnitzel and Frikadellen (mini meatloafs).

At noon, the SCS Touring Ensemble is the featured performer in High Mass at Stephansdom which will be followed by a full concert in the country's most important cathedral. At 7.30 p.m., the Summit Children's Touring Choir presents its sixth and last formal concert at St. Anna Kirche benefitting the Children's Cancer Research in Austria. Looks like the church is going to be packed again.

The Choir of the Sound's current home-base is the magical island of Venice. Here, the ensemble directed by Judy Filibeck is singing High Mass in St. Mark's Basilica and presenting their second formal concert at 9 p.m. in the beautiful church of San Moisé. Yesterday, the community choir from Seattle, WA enjoyed a day of sightseeing and exploring.

Please check back here later for more updates.

Have a great day!
Your Incantato Concert Management Team sends best regards from Austria, Italy and the US


First COTS concert in Italy a hit - Choir dances the night away with new Italian friends

The Choir of the Sound surely made a positive impression on Lovere, the first stop on their 2007 Performance Tour to Italy. The marketing efforts have paid off. Almost 100 posters and hundreds of flyers had announced the Seattle based choir's first "Melodie d'Estate" concert in the lakeside village - including an over-life-size one on the main square - and the results were more than satifying. First, the cathedral of Santa Maria in Valvendra was packed on June 25. Second, not one but three TV teams showed up and filmed the singers and director Judy Filibeck. Third, the audience did not ask for one or two, but three encores and gave standing ovations. Almost everybody in the audience came up to the choir to personally thank them for the wonderful gift of music they brought all the way from the States to Northern Italy. It was a very warm welcome from the locals and the perfect start for their Performance Tour. Judy Filibeck thanked the local hosts and the whole Incantato Team for this very special beginning.

Upon return to the hotel, another party awaited the group and a special guest was the town's mayor who welcomed the group officially and presented them with an award.

The choir and their new friends then ate, laughed, drank and danced the night away.

Next stop on their FAF and Incantato Peformance Tour is Venice, where the Choir of the Sound will perform twice, with the next highlight being the ensemble's participation in High Mass at St. Mark's Basilica on June 28.

Good night from Italy, your Incantato Concert Management Team.


Summit Touring Choir a hit in Prague - St. Nicholas Church filled with excited spectators

And they also took the Czech Capital city by storm: The Summit Children's Touring Choir's fourth formal concert during their Central European Performance Tour 2007 with Incantato was another success.

The singers performed in the magnificent baroque church of St. Nicholas in the Old Town Square in Prague to a full house and were rewarded with lots of applause.

The choir from Akron, Ohio will continue its journey to Austria tomorrow. On June 27, the youth choir is going to present two concerts in Vienna: at Stephansdom and St. Anna Kirche.

COTS rehearses and relaxes lake-side in preparation for the first concert in Lovere

The Choir of the Sound sure had a great time on the second day of their Italian Performance Tour 2007 with Friendship Ambassadors Foundation and Incantato Concert Management.

On today's agenda were a first rehearsal and a guided excursion on Lake Iseo. Check out our web album for a few snapshots of those activities.

At 9 pm, the choir from Seattle, WA is going to present its first formal concert in the beautiful cathedral of Santa Maria in Valvendra and it looks like they will be on regional TV too.

More updates will follow soon, so check back frequently.

All of us at Incantato wish you a wonderful day.

COTS in Italy - Impressions from the second tour day in and around Lovere


SCS continues European concert success story in Chlumec

Having barely said good-bye to their new German friends, the members of the Summit Children's Touring Choir engaged in yet another cultural and musical exchange on Sunday when the group stopped in the small Czech village of Chlumec for a few hours on Sunday, June 24.

The "Meet & Greet" with the local youth choir - who like the SCS ensemble tours internationally frequently and is leaving for Spain soon - arranged by their Incantato Tour and Concert Manager Karolina was a lot of fun - especially when the townsmen and women re-enacted a historical battle for their American guests. Also recent history repeated itself in the Czech Republic and the third formal concert on the 2007 Central European Performance Tour was again a great success and the church packed.

Next stop for Arlene Jacobs and her fine singers is Prague and the choir's forth concert is scheduled at the beautiful baroque church of St. Nicholas on the Old Town Square on June 25th at 2 pm.

Choir of the Sound landed safely in Milan - First concert at Santa Maria in Valvendra in Lovere on June 25

The Choir of the Sound from Seattle, WA (USA) landed on Sunday, June 24, in Milan and then continued - after a guided sightseeing tour - to the beautiful lake-side town of Lovere.

Here, the community choir under the direction of Judy Filibeck is going to present the first formal concert on it's 2007 Performance Tour to Italy in the local cathedral of Santa Maria in Valvendra.

With posters and flyers on display all over town, it surely looks like Lovere is ready for COTS.

What a wonderful day in Chemnitz - Impressions from June 23, 2007

The Summit Children's Touring Choir had an amazing second day in Chemnitz - only to be topped by their second formal concert in the packed Markuskirche. Prior to presenting another much appreciated performance, the singers had participated in a treasure hunt at Fortress Rochburg and made new friends at the Begegnungsfest with local kids at the "Kraftwerk" - a youth club right in the heart of Chemnitz.

Upon arrival at the Markuskirche, the Americans were welcomed by several hundred people in the audience - we even added extra seats! Seeing a lot of the German students they had met on Friday and Saturday was a very emotional experience for the singers and vice versa.

The choir and Arlene Jacobs received minute-long applause and standing ovations from everyone in the audience. Their new friends from the Waldorfschule could not wait until the singers had officially left the stage, but ran up to them to hug and shake hands and continue the new but thriving friendship.

Kudos to SCS for an outstanding performance that brought tears of joy to many eyes and turned strangers into friends. Visit Incantato's web album for more photos.

We all at Incantato Concert Management appreciate how much you enjoy these updates and thank you for your kind emails. The blog will not be as active while the group is in the Czech Republic due to technical limitations. However, we will continue to post daily updates about the concerts.

Have a great day, Sandra (now in Italy)


Chemnitz Concert another huge success for the Touring Choir - Markuskirche was packed

The Touring Choir's second formal concert during their 2007 Central European Performance Tour was a huge success. Several hundred people, among them many new friends from the Waldorfschule - attended the performance in Markuskirche. The choir was rewarded with a standing ovation, as well as hugs and tears from the Waldorfschule students. Pictures and a short video will follow soon.

Gute Nacht aus Deutschland, Sandra
Concert Manager Europe
Incantato Tours & Travel

Mayor's Reception in Chemnitz - A big THANK YOU to SCS and the Touring Choir

The choir and shadow group enjoyed the Mayor's reception and official welcome ceremony to Akron's German sister city on Friday evening in the Chemnitz Town Hall. Mayor Nonnen thanked the Summit Choral Society for bringing their fine choir to Chemnitz and called the upcoming concert at Markuskirche "a wonderful gift". He thanked Arlene Jacobs and Dr. Frank Jacobs for including Chemnitz into the Touring Choirs Central European Performance Tour 2007. Akron's Deputy Mayor Dave Lieberth also thanked SCS and expressed how proud he was to see their fine choir visiting Chemnitz. The two cities celebrate the 10th anniversary of their friendship in 2007. This is the first time a choir from Akron performs in Chemnitz and also the largest self-fincanced group to ever come visit. The singers performed three songs and received much applause.

Visit Incanto's web albums for more impressions from the reception.

Thereafter, all 107 travelers dined together in the picturesque Ratskeller Restaurant. The Sauerbrauten with red cabbage and potato dumplings was an instant hit.

Please check back later for more updates on the Summit Children's Touring Choir current Central European Performance Tour. Feel free to post comments on this blog and tell your family and friends about it.

Guten Morgen aus Chemnitz, Sandra
www.incantato.net - We faciliate Essential Artistic Experience for fine choirs touring internationally.


Rave Review for Speyer Concert

The Summit Children's Touring Choir received a rave review in the Speyer newspaper Die Rheinpfalz for their first concert on June 20.

Visit www.incantato.net/concerts.html for the full story and other press coverage of the SCS Central European Tour 2007 in the news section.

Waldorfschule welcomes SCS to Chemnitz - Singers enjoy exchange with fellow students

After a relaxing day of sightseeing in Eisenach and Erfurt, followed by a fun welcome dinner attended by all SCS travelers, the choir arrived in Chemnitz on Friday morning where the group received a very warm welcome by the students and faculty of the local Waldorfschule.

A special program awaited the Americans: Waldorfschüler from various grades sang, danced and performed for the guests who returned the favor and presented three songs. One of many highlights was singing together as you will see in one of the videos.

For more impressions, check out Incantato's web album for the visit of Waldorfschule:

Have a great day, Sandra from Chemnitz

P.S. Also have a look at the video of "Shiru" and pay special attention to Ruby's "cap" that - after been taking off her head by Dr. Jacobs - made it's round through the German first graders seated in the front rows.

SCS Central European Tour Group Complete

Finally, after bad weather in Chicago caused missed connecting flights, the rest of the group arrived in Frankfurt Thursday morning. Upon arrival, they boarded a bus for Erfurt to join their tour.
The group arrives in Akron's sister city of Chemnitz on Friday for a full and exciting day.
We are also happy to hear that Vickie is feeling better.
Regards from Ted in sunny NYC.


See them sing, hear them sing

Two videos on display in the SCS Videos Section of this blog were taken during the reception at the historical townhall by the Lord Mayor of Speyer, Hanspeter Brohm, and the rehearsal for the first highlight concert at the historical St. Joseph Kirche in Speyer on June 20, 2007.

We hope you enjoy those short clips (the quality might vary due to your internet connection) and look forward to your comments and greetings to the Summit Children's Touring Choir which you can leave in this blog.

Please check back here and on Incantato's main website http://www.incantato.net/ for frequent updates on the SCS Central European Tour 2007. A special section is dedicated to this fine youth choir and can be accessed directly by clicking www.incantato.net/concerts.

Auf Wiederlesen aus Deutschland, Sandra

Incantato Tour & Travel
Concert Management Europe

Concert Impressions Speyer

Incantato Concert Management and the Summit Children's Touring Choir thank professional photographer Klaus Landry for kindly allowing us to display the following beautiful pictures he took of the choir during their Speyer stay.

Please respect the copyright and contact him via klaus.landry@mac.com for permission to reproduce any of his works or to request prints of this amazing pictures.


First European Concert in Speyer a huge success - Great Audience and Standing Ovations

Oh what a beautiful day!

What an amazing day we all had in Speyer: It all started with the visit of the almost 1000 year-old Kaiserdom where the choir presented their first recital to a very appreciative audience comprised of family members, friends and tourists passing by.

Next was the reception at the Historischer Ratsaal where the Lord Mayor Hanspeter Brohm officially welcomed the singers and their friends.

After a special guided visit of Speyer, plenty of ice-cream, some free time and a rehearsal, the choir got ready for their first highlight performance at St. Joseph. Several hundred people attended the concert and they were truly excited. Dorn Younger's European premiere was the first work to get a standing ovation. When the concert ended after about 80 minutes withe two encores, almost everybody in audience was on their feet and the applaus for the singers and director Arlene Jacobs lasted for a long time. Many guests came up to the singers and thanked them for this enriching experience.

And what a success it was! Enjoy the pictures below and after a few hours of sleep, we'll try to update those of you who cannot be with us with more info on your favorite group.

Gute Nacht from Schifferstadt, near Speyer - Sandra


German-American "Meet & Greet" in Speyer a huge success for SCS und Junge Chor

"Was geht?", "Wie heisst Du?", "Eins, zwei drei..." - okay, admitably the Summit Touring Choir is known for singing German quite well, but speaking it is another story.

But that was no problem during Tuesday's "Meet & Greet" with about 30 members from the "Junge Choir Speyer" - the local and leading youth ensemble directed by Marie-Theres Brand: The German kids knew English quite well and especially the older ones were eager to practize it too.
Aside from eating almost all the 22 home-made cakes and rehearsing together for the highlight concert on June 20 at 7 pm at Josephs Kirche, the choirs also sang for each other. The German's favorite was "Rhythms of Life" which is also the theme for the 2007 Central European Tour of the Summit Children's Touring Choir.
Half-way throught the get together, a photographer from the local newspaper "Die Rheinpfalz" stopped by to take a picture of the German and American singers. The choir from Akron stood out in their bright yellow tour shirts.

So what else happened: Welcome Dinner was served at the Gasthaus Domhof and while the grown-ups really enjoyed their sauerkraut, the singers were pleasantly surprised to get French Fries with their German Brats.

Tomorrow's agenda features a visit to the Speyer Cathedral, the reception by the Lord Mayor in the Historical Townhall, a guided tour of the over 2000 year old town they now call home for one more night and then last not least the very first concert of their 2007 Central European Tour.

Your Incantato Tour and Concert Management Team says goodnight from Germany and encourages you to post some comments on the blog or email us to info@incantato.net. We'll be happy to pass your greetings on to the singers, their friends and families.

Auf Wiederlesen, Sandra

Choir landed safe and sound

The Summit Children's Touring Choir along with their family & friends who flew out of Chicago on AA landed safe and sound in Frankfurt this morning - with only minor delays. After a brief visit in Heidelberg, they are going to go straight to their "Meet & Greet" with the Junge Chor Speyer and a now impressive amount of 20 cakes waiting for them - plus the two from my grandma. And the weather in the southern part of Germany is great: Sunny skies, high 80s - a perfect welcome.

Unfortunately, the weather back home and in Chicago was not all all that nice on Monday and thus affected the small group leaving straight from Cleveland. While everyone here was hoping to see them today, this won't be the case. Ted from Incantato and our wonderful air expert Suzanne have been on the phones til late last night and are again calling United and AA this morning to help bringing the group together asap.

We'll update you all as soon as we know more.

Alles Liebe aus Deutschland, Sandra


Welcome to Europe - SCS Touring Choir to land in Frankfurt on Tuesday

Willkommen in Deutschland

Following a fantastic "Bon Voyage"-Concert on Wednesday in Akron, Ohio, the singers, family and friends of the Summit Children's Touring Choir - 110 all together - are getting ready to cross the Atlantic on an overnight flight from Chicago to Frankfurt and start their Central European Performance Tour. Take-off is on June 18 and arrival on the morning of the 19th.

At the airport, the travelers will be greeted by their Incantato tour managers, Karolina and Jan. After a short stop in Heidelberg for sightseeing and a quick lunch, the group continues to Speyer. Here, the choir directed by Arlene Jacobs is going to meet fellow German singers and members of the "Junge Chor" under the direction of Marie-Theres Brand. Rumor has it that aside from the opportunity to getting to know each other and rehearsing a few songs for the concert on Wednesday evening, there will be something like 15 or more home-made cakes waiting for the youngsters and their chaperones.

No doubt that Speyer is getting ready for the SCS Touring Choir!

Aside from 50 enormous and huge posters displayed all over town advertising the concert on June 20 at 7 pm at St. Joseph Kirche, the Touring Choir has already received press coverage in the regions most important newspaper, Die Rheinpfalz and is their performance is the featured event on http://www.speyer.de/.

Check out the following link for additional information:

A very nice announcement is also published here:

For an in-depth story on the Touring Choir's visit to Speyer, try to get a hold of the Rheinpfalz Speyer Edition from June 15, 2007. Will try to soon post a pdf here. You can read it on the Incantato Website in the Concerts - In the News section.

For more information on Incantato Tours & Travel and Incantato Concert Management, visit our website: http://www.incantato.net/

Brand new on our pages dedicated to the fine choirs on tour with us this summer - www.incantato.net/concerts.html - is the "IN THE NEWS" section where hopefully soon all press coverage will be available for download.

Enjoy and have a great day, Sandra