German-American "Meet & Greet" in Speyer a huge success for SCS und Junge Chor

"Was geht?", "Wie heisst Du?", "Eins, zwei drei..." - okay, admitably the Summit Touring Choir is known for singing German quite well, but speaking it is another story.

But that was no problem during Tuesday's "Meet & Greet" with about 30 members from the "Junge Choir Speyer" - the local and leading youth ensemble directed by Marie-Theres Brand: The German kids knew English quite well and especially the older ones were eager to practize it too.
Aside from eating almost all the 22 home-made cakes and rehearsing together for the highlight concert on June 20 at 7 pm at Josephs Kirche, the choirs also sang for each other. The German's favorite was "Rhythms of Life" which is also the theme for the 2007 Central European Tour of the Summit Children's Touring Choir.
Half-way throught the get together, a photographer from the local newspaper "Die Rheinpfalz" stopped by to take a picture of the German and American singers. The choir from Akron stood out in their bright yellow tour shirts.

So what else happened: Welcome Dinner was served at the Gasthaus Domhof and while the grown-ups really enjoyed their sauerkraut, the singers were pleasantly surprised to get French Fries with their German Brats.

Tomorrow's agenda features a visit to the Speyer Cathedral, the reception by the Lord Mayor in the Historical Townhall, a guided tour of the over 2000 year old town they now call home for one more night and then last not least the very first concert of their 2007 Central European Tour.

Your Incantato Tour and Concert Management Team says goodnight from Germany and encourages you to post some comments on the blog or email us to info@incantato.net. We'll be happy to pass your greetings on to the singers, their friends and families.

Auf Wiederlesen, Sandra