Happy Halloween from Incantato Concert Tours!

It is the time of the year where houses are decorated with vampires, bats, skeletons and scary craved pumpkins. It is also the time where a scary amount of candy is consumed and late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel showed us what can happen if parents prank their kids by telling them they ate all their Halloween candy.

Halloween which was originally introduced to the United States by Irish immigrants in the 19th century, began as a pagan festival honoring the dead. It is a big celebration in the United States and millions of children (and adults) look forward to dress up and enjoy the spooky days every year.

Since we are specialized in traveling to Europe, we thought we show you how and if Europeans celebrate it. US-Halloween customs have spread since the 1990s in continental Europe, starting in France the holiday has become increasingly popular in Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, and Austria. Before 1990 the holiday was fairly unknown. Nowadays, on October 31 you will find people dressed up for Halloween parties and kids go with their parents for trick or treating in their neighborhood but it is definitely not as common and wide-spread as it is in the United States. Europeans have their own spooky celebrations such as Oíche Shamhna literally "Samhain Night" in Ireland. On Halloween night, adults and children dress up as creatures from the underworld and enjoy spectacular fireworks displays. In Romania, Halloween is celebrated around the myth of "Dracula" on October 31. The spirit of Dracula is believed to still live in the country and Romanians love to celebrate this special day.

The Incantato Concert Tours Team wishes you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN and just for you and because it is a special day we revealed who we really are... SUPERHEROES :)


News presented by Incantato: the Switzerland App

Switzerland Tourism launches new free app

The Swiss Tourism Board has recently launched My Switzerland, an app that is designed to side-step the tourist traps and help you see the destination through a local’s eyes. The hands-on app will take you straight into the heart of the city and offers a multitude of expert advice, insider tips, as well as recommendations from 30 local contacts throughout the country and from all backgrounds. Whether you are a foodie, enjoy cultural activities or just want to go shopping, the My Switzerland app is designed to lead the way.

The app also customizes its recommendations according to your preferences and even mood, which you can choose. Or, just let the app inspire your daily activities with its random mode. You can also search by city, access interactive maps, and much more.

To read the full article, including a link to download the app, please click here.


Incantato Insider: Madrid

In the past, Madrid has often been considered the stately, classical cousin to the cooler, hipper Barcelona. However, the ambiance of Spain's capital is changing and it is evolving into a trendy destination in its own right.
One of the main contributors to this transformation has been the emerging and contemporary art exhibitions and there has also been a spike in shopping venues opened with international visitors in mind. 
One of the events to watch is the fourth annual Apertura contemporary art exhibition, presented by the ARTE Madrid Association of Art Galleries. The festival features simultaneous activities at museums and some 50 galleries city-wide.  
There will also be the first ever Summa, a fair hosted by the Matadero Madrid cultural center, that will showcase everything from emerging art and photography to gastronomy. The Matadero center itself is also a happening venue, with year-round events and exhibitions. Located in the previously less touristed Arganzueal district, the center has revitalized that part of the city. 
If shopping is more of interest to you than art, be sure to watch out for the Las Rozas Village. It is a large complex that acts not only as a tourist draw, but is also set to help revive the country's down economy. Close to Gran Via is also TriBail, featuring young designers, appealing shops and one-of-a-kind boutiques. 
An addition to the thriving shopping and art scene, the San Anton Market has also been a valuable addition to what Madrid has to offer. Situated in the popular neighborhood of Chueco, which is a hub of welcoming restaurants, this modern, refurbished market offers visitors typical season Spanish products in a three-story building. The building originally dates back to the 19th century, but it was modernized in 2002 and finally opened in 2011. San Anton is not a market in the traditional sense, but a combination between market, show cooking and restaurant. 
On the first floor, vendors present stands of food from hamburgers to a selection of more than 60 types of bread, vegetables and fruit. On the second floor, there is a tasting area, as well as the opportunity to purchase Spanish and international cuisine to go. A restaurant is located on the third floor where typical products form the market below are cooked. It also features a terrace lounge with a view.

For more news from Travel Weekly, please click here. 


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Incantato Tours is proud to present the Incantato App, now available for the Apple and Android systems. 

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Incantato Update: Lisbon

Lisbon was voted top city destination in Europe!
Portugal’s cosmopolitan and intriguing capital has been named Europe’s Leading City Break Destination 2013 at the World Travel Awards, considered to be the “Oscars” of tourism.
This win is the third time Lisbon has been recognized as Europe’s Leading City Break Destination over the last five years. Known for its year-round pleasant climate, rich culture and beaches located just 20 minutes from the city center, Lisbon also has a price-quality ratio unrivaled anywhere else in Europe.


Incantato Featured Destination: Austria

The Federal State of Austria, located in central Europe, is a very diverse country for its comparatively small size. Ruled by the Habsburg kings and emperors for almost seven centuries, the Austrian culture absorbed many Roman, Slav and Hungarian influences, thus creating a unique cultural blend. Even though around 95% of the population does speak German, there are a number of very pronounced local dialects that make Austrians difficult to understand even for native German speakers. Additionally, due to the various foreign influences, many things have different names in Austria than in other German-speaking countries such as Germany.
Aside from Austria's cultural and natural diversity, there is also a rich music tradition to be found. Austria was and is a world-renowned center for music, especially known for the period of Viennese Classicists. These include composers such as Joseph Haydn, who moved to Vienna in 1790 and was the court composer. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart also lived and worked in Vienna, as did Ludwig van Beethoven, although he was originally from Germany. Moreover, these composers' works later guided 19th-century composers such as Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss, Anton Bruckner, and Gustav Mahler. Vienna's central cemetery is also well worth a visit for any classical music-lover, as people buried here include Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Strauss (father and son), Bruckner, Brahms, and Gluck.

Austria consists of nine provinces, the southern-most of which is Carinthia. Bordered by Slovenia and Italy in the south, Carinthia is known for the beauty of its landscape and pleasant climate due to its southern location. Also known as the lake district, the province boasts more than 200 warm swimming lakes pure enough to drink. Main towns include its capital, Klagenfurt, which was founded in the 12th century and is situated along the picturesque Woerther See, the warmest lake in the region. Additionally, international music festivals, architecture, painting, theatre and the Carinthian choirs all contribute in making this province a true cultural stage. One of the many musical festivals is known as the Carinthian Summer, which has been held every year since 1969. This festival for new music places an emphasis on the dialogue between composers, performers and audiences as a vital factor, and a central element of the festival is the performance of a church opera. Performances are held in various venues, one of which is the Ossiach Abbey. Built directly on the banks of Lake Ossiach, this abbey dates back to the 11th century and was furnished in the Baroque period.


Schönbrunn Palace as concert venue through Voices of the World, Vienna

Photos courtesy of Schönbrunn Facebook page
As Austria's City of Music, the capital city of Vienna is able to boast with composers such as Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven and more, all of whom have worked here. In light of this rich musical history, the Vienna tourist board has launched a special initiative called Voices of the World for music groups from around the world. 
It is inviting choirs, bands, orchestras and other musical groups from all parts of the world to Vienna and is offering the opportunity to perform in at one of the city's most stunning and most popular sights: the baroque Schönbrunn Palace. Aside from the unique atmosphere, the groups will also be experiencing open-air performances as they perform in front of the Palace, at the foot of the sweeping staircase. 
Last year, over 100 musical groups from around the world were invited to particpate in this unique initiative. This year, two groups that are traveling with Incantato Concert Tours will also share in this special experience made possible in cooperation with Voices of the World. Both the St. Bonaventure's College Chamber Choir and Wind Ensemble from Newfoundland, Canada, and the La Canada High School Choral Artists, from California, USA, are confirmed participants in the Voices of the World project. 


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UBC University Singers and their Incantato Barcelona adventure: Sunday 24th

A Sunday in Barcelona can be fulfilled in many different ways, and there is so many options that it can be confusing.. unless you are in great hands that show you, assist you and help you like Rosalía, our Incantato Tour Manager, who loves the UBC University Singers.

Picasso design at the Cathedral Square, Barcelona Incantato
Sunday morning started with a walking tour through the Gothic quarter of Barcelona: the imposing Cathedral and its cloister, San Jaume square and the Generalitat Palace, the medieval royal castle and of course the taste and uniqueness of a wonderfully preserved middle age quarter, with roman foundations, that host a variety of handicrafts, art, antiques, chocolates and pastry shops. All this to end up at Santa María del Pi Church, a 13th century jewel of the gothic arquitecture, with a wonderful rosewindow and very good acoustic, where UBC University Singers sang in the Main Holy Mass for an impressed public.

Santa María del Pi Church, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona

After this, the private motorcoach took the UBC Singers to the centrally located H10 Casanova Hotel, where they could get in normal clothes and get ready for many other options.

UBC University Singers: a wonderful smile!
After having visited already Montjuic, Park Güell, Borne and Gothic districts, Ramblas, Catalunya square, Passeig de Gracia, Sagrada Familia.. with local guide and Incantato Team, everyone was ready for the last afternoon in Barcelona.
Most of the group made it to the Picasso Museum, where they got free entrance. Others went for some food in local nice tapas spots, many went to the Barceloneta beach, or just did some good shopping at Ramblas and Borne districts.

The end of the day was happy and long: a dinner in the very famous "Segons Mercat", were Incantato has provided a wonderful tapas experience with local fresh products in a wide variety of warm tapas. There, the UBC University Singers, all looking great and dressed up, had a wonderful experience.

It was so moving also for Incantato Tour Manager Rosalía and their driver, to whom they performed some songs. There, the girls from UBC University Singers enyojed a "surprise" medley that the male section of the choir performed during dinner, which was prepared and kept in secret till the last moment.

The last day in Barcelona was another non-stop day, full of good moments, music and wonderful memories that will last forever.

For more pictures and updates, you can also check in our facebook by Incantato

UBC University Singers will make their way home tomorrow, and we will be missing them!


UBC University Singers concert in Barcelona: "Most moving performance ever in this venue"

"This is the most moving concert I have ever seen in the Paranimf"
This are the words of Mrs. Matias and Mrs. Pi i Noya, both belonging to the Protocols and Cultural Activities Department of the University of  Barcelona.

The University of Barcelona count among the oldest in Europe. Dating back to the 13th century, the University in reknown as a cultural hotspot in Barcelona, with a great selection of concerts and events.
Our concert yesterday took place in the Paranimf, the most important hall in the 18th century building, and also the most beautiful one.

The audience was very impressed and moved, and applauded enthusiastically and long time song after song, as the UBC University Singers and Dr. Graeme Langager reached a degree of emotion and musical expression that touched everybody's heart.

The end of the concert brought many tears to the audience as well as to the singers, and the UBC University Singers came down to greet the people in the banches, after a long long applause.

As we are having so many activities this morning, this report will continue in the next hours, as well as the news abou the wonderful dinner we had after. 

For pictures check in few hours these blog, or go now to our facebook!

From snowy Barcelona

Incantato and UBC University Singers


Full house in UBC University Singers and Orfeón Universitario de Valencia joint concert

Incantato proudly presented yesterday UBC University SIngers and Orfeón Universitario de Valencia Joint concert, at 8 pm in the beautiful San Esteban Church Auditorium, belonging to the Professional Conservatory of Valencia complex.

The audience reached 180 people,  over the full house seats capacity (150 seats), to enjoy and applaud the performance of the artists.

The UBC University Singers started with their 35 minutes concert, in which they reached a great quality, even after these days of travelling and fun.
After the UBC, the Orfeón Universitario de Valencia performed some works by Piazolla, with lyrics written by the Argentinian famour writer J.L. Borges.

The great finale was really warm, with both choirs together on stage, to perform two works they have prepared during the exchange: Fair in face, by the famous Canadian composer Willan, and Jacinto Chiclana, another Piazolla work.

At the end of the concert, the singers and members of the Orfeón Universitario de Valencia presented an orange scarf to Director Graeme Langager, as a sign of gratitude, as this is the very “distinctive” object they use in their performances and tours.  Maestro Langager gave a present to the Director of the Orfeón, Alvaro Bañó, as well.

After the concert the UBC University Singers were taken to a cocktail, in which Incantato gave some presents to the Orfeón and the Conservatorio of Valencia, as a remembering from this wonderful Exchange and Concert experience.


Incantato presents UBC University Singers in Valencia: Joint concert with the Orfeón Universitario de Valencia, Thursday 21 Feb, at 8pm

After a full-room success in Toledo, the UBC University Singers will be presenting their second concert in the Performance Tour to Spain in the very new Auditorium of the Conservatory of Valencia, on Thursday, Feb.21, at 8pm.

This will be a wonderful finale to the 2-days Exchange Program that the UBC University Singers and the Orfeón Universitario de Valencia are celebrating, including visits to the historical sites, Welcome Reception by the Conservatory, Official Reception at the University Vice-rectorate, Vocal Masterclass and rehearsal.

The joint concert program includes a wonderful selection of pieces by the UBC University Singers: Bach, Pärt, Lauridsen, Estévez, Guerrero and Hogan. The Orfeón Universitario de Valencia will perform 4 works by Piazolla and one by Haendel. And  they will close this very special concert together, with two wonderful pieces: Fair in face, (Willan) and Jacinto Chiclana (Piazolla).

The Orfeón Universitario de Valencia is very famous in Spain and internationally. It started on 1947, and has been awarded with the 1st price in all the editions of the University Choirs Contest in Spain, as well as in the International University Choirs Contest more than 10 times. They have toured over 15 different countries, and has received 5 different national honours for their labour in the culture and music.

Orfeón Universitario de Valencia
The concert in the choral and choirs news in Valencia
The concert in the official page of the Valencia State Department
The concert event in the Orfeón facebook


The UBC University Singers present their first concert in the Transito Synagogue in Toledo

After being the featured guest choir for the morning Mass in the Toledo Cathedral, a Tapas lunch and a guided city tour, this eventful Tuesday culminated in the UBC University Singers' first concert of their 2013 performance tour through Spain. 
The venue for this performance was the Sefardi Museum in the Transito Synagogue in Toledo. The Main Praying Hall is very famous for the cultural events and performances, as the Toledo piano festival among others.

The concert has been on the radio and cultural newspapers, as well as on the local news, and it was promoted with a brief interview in the very popular Cope radio (3rd in audience ranking in Spain)

The concert was presented to an audience of 200 people, over the full capacity of the venue (180 seats), with some 20 people who enjoyed the concert standing. The concert lasted beautiful 90 minutes.

The audience was delighted with UBC University Singers, and there was a warm and welcoming atmosphere to which the performance of the Sephardic music group Fayna just could add more joy. This performance was a special gift by Incantato to both the Sefardí Museum and the UBC University Choir, as Sephardic music is a very unique cultural heritage that has been preserved during 15 centuries through the world by the Spanish Jewish communities.
The trio Fayna performed 3 different pieces accompanied with traditional instruments, with Angela Moreno (singer), Alexander Pérez (lavta y yayli tanbur) and Natalia Martín (lyre and Spanish tambourine).

Enhancing this special emphasis on Jewish heritage and community, and as a present to the director of the Synagogue, Dr. Graeme Langager presented four choral pieces by famous Jewish Canadian composer Sid Rabinovich. 

The concert concluded with an encore piece, as well as members of the audience standing up for a performance beautifully done. 
For more pictures from the UBC University Singers tour, be sure to check out the Incantato Concert Tours facebook page

UBC University Singers have arrived in Valencia


Incantato Snapshot: Prime choral ensemble from University of British Columbia at Toledo Synagogue

UBC University Singers as the featured guest choir for Mass in the Toledo Cathedral

As part of their 2013 Spain performance tour with Incantato Concert Tours, the UBC University Singers were the featured guest choir during the morning Mass at the Toledo Cathedral on Tuesday, February 19.
Under the direction of Dr. Graeme Langager, they performed three songs during the Mass and one additional one in the choir loft of the main cathedral. Visitors and locals alike stopped by while visiting either the Cathedral or Mass and listened in on a wonderful performance. Many compliments were offered to Dr. Langager and the University of British Columbia University Singers, including a thank you for the beautiful performance from the priest. Others also remarked on a performance well done and that it was a shame the choir could not return for Sunday Mass. 
Here some pictures:

Incantato presents UBC University Singers at Toledo Synagogue on Tuesday February 19

The UBC University Singers under the direction of Dr. Graeme Langager, will present the first concert of their 2013 Incantato Performance Tour to Spain at the magnificent Sinagogue del Transito in Toledo on Tuesday, February 19, at 7:30 P.M.

The concert will take place in the Main Praying Room, the most exquisite construction in this unique temple, built in the 14th century and is decorated all over ceilings and walls with Mudejar elements and beautiful geometric motifs, flowers and inscriptions in Arabic and Hebrew. Sinagoga del Tránsito is the popular name given to the Synagogue of Samuel ha-Leví, is one of the most important examples of Hispano-Jewish art.

The building was part of a sumptuous palace built in the 15th century and it was erected in the days when the Jewish community had an enviable position in the society of the era, with privileged posts in the Administration and Tax Collection Authorities.King Don Pedro even openly protected the Jews, and synagogues saw their heyday under his reign (1350-1369), as they were protected even when a Papal Bulla had banned the erection of new Hebrew temples, and only allowed the refurbishment of those already constructed. 

When King Don Pedro built it, he defied all the laws about synagogues being smaller and lower than churches.It features Nasris-style polychrome stucco-work, Hebrew inscriptions of the names of God, multifoil arches and Mudéjar panelled ceiling.In the 16th century it became a church of Saint Benito. Later at the 17th century the name changed into Church of the Nuestra Senora del Transito. The name derives from the painting: Transit of Virgin. The synagogue was also used as military headquarters during the Napoleonic Wars. In 1877 the building became a national monument. The transformation of the building into the Sephardi Museum, as it is now officially called, started around 1910.
Nowadays the Sinagoga del Tránsito hosts many important musical events, as the very famous concerts of Sephardic music and many famous classical artists.

Coro UBC University Singers - From Today's Toledo City News

Lugar: Toledo, Museo Sefardí
Fecha: martes, 19 de febrero de 2013

Gira España 2013
Un recorrido global por la música coral
De: Vancouver, Canadá
Director: Dr. Graeme Langager

El Coro UBC University Singers es el conjunto coral primero del Conservatorio Superior de la
Universidad de British Columbia, en Vancouver, Canadá.

Este coro, conformado por 40 voces, es muy conocido en la escena coral norteamericana, habiendo
logrado entre otros, los prestigiosos premios del CBC National Choral Competition y el BBC
International Choral Competition. Ha dado conciertos en Canadá, Estados Unidos y Europa,
incluyendo conciertos en la Basílica de San Pedro (Roma), Stefansdom, (Viena) Notre-Dame
(París), San Nicolás (Praga) y San Esteban (Budapest)..

Su repertorio recoge una amplia variedad de música para Coro de Cámara, abarcando desde el
Renacimiento hasta la música contemporánea, e incluye obras maestras para coro y orquesta.
En esta Gira, el UBC University Singers Choir interpretará obras de América del Norte y del Sur,
Europa y Asia, abarcando desde el renacimiento hasta el repertorio contemporáneo. Cabe destacar
la inclusión de 4 obras del patrimonio musical español.

Su Director, el Dr. Graeme Langager
El Dr. Graeme Langager es el Director de Actividades Corales del Conservatorio Superior de
Música de la Universidad de British Columbia desde 2009. Anteriormente desempeñó el mismo
cargo en la Universidad de Arkansas, y en el Cuesta College, en Califonia.

Nativo de Alberta, recibió su Doctorado en Música y Dirección de Coros por el Conservatorio
Superior y la Universidad de Cincinnati, y su Master en Dirección de Coros por la Universidad de
California. Estudió Dirección de coros con Rivers, Coker, BIelefelt y Hafso, y recibió formación
adicional con Helmut Rilling, A. Armstrong, Thomas Davies, John Alexander, y Robert Page.

El Dr. Langager es además Director Artístico del Coro de Cámara Phoenix, coro profesional con
sede en Vancouver, Canadá. Polifacético y activo, es solicitado además como Director Invitado en
distintas formaciones, a las que perfecciona en sus Seminarios como Clinician Conductor.
En su faceta de arreglista y compositor destacan obras como Processional Hallelujah, o Iris
Blessing, que le han creado reconocimiento por su frescor y originalidad.

El Dr. Langager ha formado parte de la Junta de National Collegiate Choral Organization, así como
en las Juntas de Arkansas y California de la ACDA (Asociación de Directores Corales Americana).
Los Coros bajo su dirección han sido invitados a actuar en las prestigiosas conferencias de la
ACDA, MENC, Arkansas All-State, y IAJE. Han realizado giras y actuaciones en los escenarios de
Estados Unidos, Canadá y Europa,

Su actividad docente en California, Ohio, Carolina del Norte y Arkansas, abarca desde nivel
superior hasta Conservatorios Profesionales y Escuelas.
UBC University Singers – Gira España 2013 – Songs of Joy 2

- Martes 19 febrero, Toledo: CONCIERTO CORAL
Museo Sefardí, Sinagoga del Tránsito, 7,30 pm.

Todos los conciertos son de entrada libre y tienen aforo limitado.
Acompañamientos en la celebración de la Misa:
 Martes 19 de febrero: Catedral de Toledo, 10,30 am.

Fair in face Willan (Canadá)
Ave Maria Lauridsen (EEUU)
It is well Himno tradicional (EEUU)
I got a key Parker/Shaw (Espiritual americano)
Missa brevis Willan (Canadá)
Mata del anima sola Estévez (Venezuela)
Muie rendera Fonseca (Brasil)
Tota pulchra es Maria Guerrero (España)
Ir me quero la mi madre Robinovitch (español sefardí)
Ave virgo sanctissima Guerrero (España)
Cuando el rey Nimrod Robinovitch (español sefardí)
Singet dem Herrn Bach (Alemania)
Nunc dimittis Pärt (Estonia)
Patkoeknal Bardos (Hungría)
Agnus Dei Gjeilo (Noruega/EEUU)
Kaksipuhendus Tormis (Estonia)
Lady when i behold the roses sprouting Mealor (Reino Unido)
Jubilate Deo Matsushita (Japón)
Kalinda Guillaume (Haití/EEUU)


A first "hola" from the UBC Singers in Puerta del Sol, Madrid

Bienvenidos a Madrid! Incantato welcomes the University of British Columbia Singers in Spain

Welcome to Spain, Bienvenidos a Madrid. The UBC University Singers under the direction of Dr. Graeme Langager arrived safely and only with a minor delay at Madrid airport on Sunday evening, February 17, 2013. Incantato Tour Manager Rosalia welcomed the 37 travelers from the University of British Columbia at Vancouver in Canada. More pictures and updates about the choir and its 2013 Incantato Spain Performance Tour can be found here, but also on our facebook page. After a guided tour of Madrid, the group will continue on to Toledo for more sightseeing, but also two very special performances at the Cathedral of Toledo and the Toledo Synagogue - both on Tuesday, February 19. 


Incantato Concert Tours proudly presents: the UBC Singers 2013 performance tour to Spain

The University of British Columbia Singers under the direction of Dr. Graeme Langager will be presenting a total of three concerts during their 2013 performance tour through Spain in February, including venues in Toledo, Valencia, and Barcelona.

On Tuesday, February 19, 2013, the UBC Choir will be performing in the Transito Synagogue in Toledo. It was built as a private chapel as part of the palace between 1355 and 1357. Today, it has been restored to its original architecture but designed as an important cultural heritage and museum. Incantato Concert Tours is thrilled to show off the concert poster for this first special event:


A belated Happy New Year from Incantato Tours!

New Year's resolution #1: wish everyone from Incantato Tours a very happy new year on time! We hope you had relaxing holidays and a wonderful start into 2013 from your Incantato Tours team Ted, Crista and Sandra.