The UBC University Singers present their first concert in the Transito Synagogue in Toledo

After being the featured guest choir for the morning Mass in the Toledo Cathedral, a Tapas lunch and a guided city tour, this eventful Tuesday culminated in the UBC University Singers' first concert of their 2013 performance tour through Spain. 
The venue for this performance was the Sefardi Museum in the Transito Synagogue in Toledo. The Main Praying Hall is very famous for the cultural events and performances, as the Toledo piano festival among others.

The concert has been on the radio and cultural newspapers, as well as on the local news, and it was promoted with a brief interview in the very popular Cope radio (3rd in audience ranking in Spain)

The concert was presented to an audience of 200 people, over the full capacity of the venue (180 seats), with some 20 people who enjoyed the concert standing. The concert lasted beautiful 90 minutes.

The audience was delighted with UBC University Singers, and there was a warm and welcoming atmosphere to which the performance of the Sephardic music group Fayna just could add more joy. This performance was a special gift by Incantato to both the Sefardí Museum and the UBC University Choir, as Sephardic music is a very unique cultural heritage that has been preserved during 15 centuries through the world by the Spanish Jewish communities.
The trio Fayna performed 3 different pieces accompanied with traditional instruments, with Angela Moreno (singer), Alexander Pérez (lavta y yayli tanbur) and Natalia Martín (lyre and Spanish tambourine).

Enhancing this special emphasis on Jewish heritage and community, and as a present to the director of the Synagogue, Dr. Graeme Langager presented four choral pieces by famous Jewish Canadian composer Sid Rabinovich. 

The concert concluded with an encore piece, as well as members of the audience standing up for a performance beautifully done. 
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