Schönbrunn Palace as concert venue through Voices of the World, Vienna

Photos courtesy of Schönbrunn Facebook page
As Austria's City of Music, the capital city of Vienna is able to boast with composers such as Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven and more, all of whom have worked here. In light of this rich musical history, the Vienna tourist board has launched a special initiative called Voices of the World for music groups from around the world. 
It is inviting choirs, bands, orchestras and other musical groups from all parts of the world to Vienna and is offering the opportunity to perform in at one of the city's most stunning and most popular sights: the baroque Schönbrunn Palace. Aside from the unique atmosphere, the groups will also be experiencing open-air performances as they perform in front of the Palace, at the foot of the sweeping staircase. 
Last year, over 100 musical groups from around the world were invited to particpate in this unique initiative. This year, two groups that are traveling with Incantato Concert Tours will also share in this special experience made possible in cooperation with Voices of the World. Both the St. Bonaventure's College Chamber Choir and Wind Ensemble from Newfoundland, Canada, and the La Canada High School Choral Artists, from California, USA, are confirmed participants in the Voices of the World project.