Standing ovations for the Junge Chor Speyer's first US concert in NYC

They could not have had a better opening concert. The 23 singers of the "Junge Chor Speyer" directed by Marie Theres Brand performed to a full house in New York City on March 26, 2008 in beautiful St. Matthias R.C. church. The program of sacred and secular works titled "Mozart & Friends" received several minute-long applauses and the choir was rewarded with standing ovations from almost everyone attending when the concert concluded. Especially the selection of German folk songs were true crowd pleaser: "Kein schoener Land" was requested as an encore and became particularly moving when many of the German-speaking guests sang along during that repeat performance. Mozart's "Sancta Maria" - accompanied by the string-quartet traveling with the choir - was also performed twice.

Between 400 and 500 people from all over the Big Apple attended their very first concert on US soil, some even came all the way from New Jersey and Connecticut as the performance hosted by St. Matthias and co-organized by Incantato Tours & Concert Management had been advertised all over the Tri-State area and highlighted as a special event in the media and various official information outlets like the German consulate's website. Director Marie Theres Brand and her singers were very moved by the warm reception and positive feedback they received from the audience and also their hosts.

Msgr. Ed Scharfenberger of St. Matthias who had spontaneously welcomed the choir from Speyer into his parish when approached only a few months ago commented on the event in an email shortly after the concert: "The Junger Chor was a true and timely gift to our community. You could see the expression on the faces of the people who attended ��� how happy they were. I heard so many people comment about how uplifting it was to see and hear so many young people come together to make such beautiful music. But it was even more than the music. It was the sense of HOPE that their presence gave to the people who are not always given an opportunity to see the results of good leadership, youthful goodness and enthusiasm and ��� let���s face it, love and discipline ��� all come together. The many connections that were made will only deepen the impression made. This was a wonderful event that will always be a treasured memory of our parish."

The choir continues to Ohio and Illinois were additional formal and informal concerts are scheduled. They return to Germany on April 3, 2008.


Junger Chor Speyer performs in NYC

The German Youth Choir "Junger Chor Speyer" presents the first formal concert of its 11-day Performance Tour to the USA tonight at St. Matthias R.C. Church in Ridgewood, NY.

Starting at 7:30 pm, the 23 singers present a selection of sacred works and international folksongs. "Mozart & Friends" is the title of their performance which is part of the centennial celebration at the Queens parish founded 100 years ago.

The entrance is free.

Pictures and videos taken at the event will be posted here later today.
Here is a first glimpse taken during the afternoon rehearsal.


Junger Chor Speyer coming to the US in March

The German Youth Choir "Junger Chor Speyer" is counting the days until their very first North-American Performance Tour. The ensemble from Speyer is going to land in New York City on March 24.

The "Big Apple" is the starting point for an 11-day tour leading them via New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio to Illinois. The choir directed by Marie Theres Brand is flying out of Chicago on April 3.

Their concert schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, March 26, 7:30 PM concert at St. Matthias R. C. Church - Ridgewood, NY
Friday March 28, &:30 PM concert at Church of Ascension - Lakewood, OH
Sunday, March 30, 10 AM worship service at Faith Lutheran Church - Fairlawn, OH
Sunday, March 7:30 PM concert at Fairlawn Lutheran Church - Fairlawn, OH

Additional performances and exchanges are scheduled at and with: Central Christian Concert Choir, SCC Touring Choir, Firestone H.S. for Visual & Performing Arts, Red Rose Children's Choir of Lake County.

The "Junger Chor Speyer" thanks all hosts for their hospitality. The choir also says a special Dankeschoen to St. Matthias Church, the Summit Choral Society as well as the Goethe-Institute for their generous support.

Junger Chor Speyer - Speyer Youth Choir
The Junger Chor Speyer was founded in 1993 by the St. Joseph Parish and the city of Speyer's Conservatory. This non-profit organization presently offers choral music education to nearly 100 boys and girls (beginning at age four) in various levels and ensembles. These young singers learn and perform a great variety of repertoire consisting mainly of classical literature, but also many selections from international folk music. In addition, the choir is known to premiere specially commissioned works by young German composers. The Speyer Youth Choir sings regularly for Sunday Mass at St. Joseph's in Speyer, presents concerts locally and in nearby communities and parishes. The choir's touring ensemble has performed internationally in England, Russia, Norway and Switzerland. The singers and their families have also hosted several visiting choirs in their 2000-year-old hometown of Speyer. The Junge Chor Speyer has been featured on both national TV and radio. The ensemble has also recorded several independent CDs.

Speyer Touring Choir
Twenty-four young singers between the ages of 12 and 22 form the touring choir arriving in the US on March 24, 2008. They are joined by a string-quartet and adult chaperones which bring the traveling group to a total of thirty-two - although they actually had to book 33 plane seats as the cello required its own spot. These young musicians, their friends and supporters are very excited about their upcoming tour to New York City, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois. They are being supported by the Goethe Institut, the Summit Choral Society of Akron, Ohio and Incantato Concert Management with a special emphases being placed on musical and cultural exchanges. The Junge Chor Speyer will meet with fellow musicians in parishes and fine music organizations almost every day of their sojourn. In addition to the three formal concerts titled: "Mozart & Friends", several recitals and impromptu performances will take place. While in the USA these young singers and their director consider it their mission to contribute to international understanding and friendship through the universal language of music.

Artistic Director – Marie Theres Brand
Marie Theres Brand, a renowned organist and church musician from Speyer serves as the Artistic Director of the Speyer Junge Chor as well as the Speyer Motettenchor which she founded in 1986. Mrs. Brand holds both under-graduate and graduate degrees in choral conducting, organ and music education from the University of Mainz as well as the Conservatory of Music and the Performing Arts Mannheim-Heidelberg (founded in 1776). She has been the music director at St. Joseph in Speyer since 1981, the same year she started teaching at the Speyer Conservatory of Music. Additionally, Brand is a member of the staff at the Bishop's Institute for church music in Speyer. She is frequently called to adjudicate in international choral competitions and is heading to Moscow for just such an event immediately after returning from this tour – the Speyer Junger Chor's very first performance tour to the United States.


We proudly present: The SCHS Choirs Ireland Tour Poster & Postcard

On their upcoming Performance Tour to Ireland this April, the San Clemente High School Choirs present an all a cappella touring program titled "Sacred Sounds - Sacred Spaces" (in Gaelic "Fuaimeanna Noafa - Spasanna Noafa") featuring sacred works from Brahms, Palestrina, Busto, Aguiar, Gathrow and other European as well as American composers.

Their three formal concerts are taking place in Dublin, Waterford and Killarney and will be advertised with the custom-designed posters and a special postcard featured
below. We hope the singers and their director, Dr. Philemon Theodorou, will like them as much as we do.

Incantato Tours & Concert Management takes great pride in providing the fine choirs traveling internationally with our trademark: Essential Artistic Experiences. Professional marketing is just one many features that sets our organization apart.

For more information, please visit our website www.incantatotours.com/concerts or email to info@incantatotours.com.


Schola Cantorum performs at Stephansdom

The University of Arkansas prime choral ensemble "Schola Cantorum" is returning to Europe this May under the direction of Dr. Graeme Langager.

On their 2008 Incantato Performance Tour titled "Imperial Cities & Hidden Gems of Central Euope", the 45 singers will present concerts in Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Goettweig, Vienna and Budapest.

A true highlight performance is scheduled for Monday, May 26: After being the featured guest choir for High Mass, Schola Cantorum is going to present a formal concert at the magnificent Stephansdom in Vienna.

More updates from Incantato Tours & Concert Management about this and other choirs traveling to Europe with our team this year will follow soon.

Fuaimeanna Noafa - Spásanna Noafa

“Sacred Sounds – Sacred Spaces”
The SCHS Choirs tour Ireland in April

The San Clemente High School Choirs from California, USA are heading to Ireland in April for their second international Performance Tour this April.

Director Dr. Philemon Theodorou - who is also the founder of the SCHS Triton Vocal Arts Department at the Southern California High School - is bringing 40 singers from his three choral ensembles on this exciting journey organized by Incantato Tours & Concert Management. The choirs present an all a cappella touring program titled "Sacred Sounds - Sacred Spaces" (in Gaelic "Fuaimeanna Noafa - Spasanna Noafa") featuring sacred works from Brahms, Palestrina, Busto, Aguiar, Gathrow and other European as well as American composers. The concerts will conclude with an African-American spiritual.

The singers between the ages of 14 and 18 are going to perform in prime venues in Dublin, Waterford and Killarney. Their concert schedule is as follows:

Lunchtime Recital at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin on Monday, April 7, at 1 pm.

Exchange Concert at Christ Church Cathedral in Waterford with the De La Salle Senior Choir on Tuesday, April 8, at 8 pm

Evening Mass and Concert at
St. Mary’s Cathedral in Killarney on Thursday, April 10, starting at 6.15 pm

Incantato will post updates on those performances and other highlights of the SCHS Performance Tour to Ireland 2008 while the singers are abroad.

For more information, please visit our website www.incantatotours.com/concerts or email to info@incantatotours.com.

Want to learn about San Clemente High School? This is their website: http://www.sctritons.com/

And here you can here the choir sing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zRoWVCH-kM


Check out the SBCC Ireland Tour Blog

The Santa Barbara City College Concert Choir now has it's own blog for their Incantato Performance Tour to Ireland in June. The address is http://irelandsbcc2008.blogspot.com/

We invite you to visit this site and send our compliments to Elizabeth Bowman for putting it together.
We surely look forward to providing additional information to both blogs as the tour date gets closer.

Have a great start in the week, Sandra