Experience the magic of Christmas - German Weihnachtsmaerkte

German Christmasmarkets are a centuries old tradition in Germany. The markets light up communities with fun, laughter, companionship, good food and drink during the advent season. Sparkling lights everywhere, Christmas music, choir and band performances. There is this special Christmas spirit in the air filled with the wonderful scent of gingerbread, roasted almonds, mulled wine and kids laughter.
Charming Christmas markets are a good antidote to holiday commercialism. Instead of mass-produced gifts, the markets feature unique, hand-crafted items, purchased from vendors who have often crafted the items themselves. During the Christmas season, there are Christkindlmarkets throughout Germany. Each Christkindlmarket has its own special charm, unique to the community and region. Visit a German Christmas Market to experience the sights, smells and sounds of an Old World Christmas. Not only Nuremberg, but Bayreuth, Munich, Coburg (picured), the Dresden "Striezelmarkt" (first mentioned in 1434) and numerous other cities and villages in Germany offer this unique experience. The Nuremberg Christmas Market is the most famous event in Nuremberg and is also famous well beyond the borders of Europe. The special charm of the most beautiful Christmas market in Germany lays in the historical backdrop of Nuremberg’s Main Market Square, the Church of Our Lady and the Schoenem Brunnen (Beautiful Fountain) with views of the gothic Old Town Churches of St. Lawrence and St. Sebald.
The traditional delicacies of Nuremberg include: Lebkuchen (Gingerbread), Früchtebrot (Fruit loaf), Nünberger Bratwürste (Nuremberg Grilled Sausages) and Glühwein (Mulled Wine). Above all, children will find what their heart desires in Nuremberg. The Sternenhaus (Star House) is awaiting the smaller visitor (4 years and older) and has a “Heavenly-Christmas” children’s cultural program with theater shows, puppet shows, fairy tales, ballet, as well as seasonal and classical music.
The city of Bayreuth, in the lovely Franconia region of Bavaria, is just 2 ½ hours north of Munich. Bayreuth is world-famous for the Bayreuth Festival, which celebrates Richard Wagner’s operas every summer. High-class and rich in culture, Bayreuth is particularly enchanting during the Christmas season. Shopping, sampling culinary delights, soaking in the festive atmosphere and enjoying the beauty of the holiday decorations - Bayreuth's Christmas market is truly an experience. The city has one of the longest chains of Christmas lights in Franconia. The market invites you to indulge with all your five senses. Come visit and be mesmerized by one of the most beautiful towns in Bavaria.

Or experience the Magic of Christmas in Coburg. During the Christmas season, the city of Coburg, just 3 hours north of Munich, develops a unique magic. The city’s market square transforms itself into a little city of Christmas boutiques. The Coburg Christmas Market (November 25 - December 23, 2011) is among the most atmospheric in the Franconia region of northern Bavaria. That’s not only because of the picturesque setting and the beautiful twinkling lights, but also because of the many special holiday activities around this festive time of year. In addition to the classic store booths at the Christmas Market, many artisans from the region are also present at the market. Visitors can watch basket weavers, glass blowers, porcelain painters and wood carvers - in a living workshop. For those who think that they’ve "been here, done that" when it comes to Christmas Markets in Germany, they haven't seen everything yet, if they haven’t been to Coburg. The performances and programs that are part of the Christmas Market change every year. If you'd like to "mingle" with the locals, the quickest way is by having a cup of Glühwein (mulled wine) beneath the starry skies - and next to Coburg’s large statue of Prince Albert. Visitors to the Christmas market can also experience a ride in a historical carriage - with real horsepower! - through the inner city, a truly romantic experience.