SCS continues European concert success story in Chlumec

Having barely said good-bye to their new German friends, the members of the Summit Children's Touring Choir engaged in yet another cultural and musical exchange on Sunday when the group stopped in the small Czech village of Chlumec for a few hours on Sunday, June 24.

The "Meet & Greet" with the local youth choir - who like the SCS ensemble tours internationally frequently and is leaving for Spain soon - arranged by their Incantato Tour and Concert Manager Karolina was a lot of fun - especially when the townsmen and women re-enacted a historical battle for their American guests. Also recent history repeated itself in the Czech Republic and the third formal concert on the 2007 Central European Performance Tour was again a great success and the church packed.

Next stop for Arlene Jacobs and her fine singers is Prague and the choir's forth concert is scheduled at the beautiful baroque church of St. Nicholas on the Old Town Square on June 25th at 2 pm.