See them sing, hear them sing

Two videos on display in the SCS Videos Section of this blog were taken during the reception at the historical townhall by the Lord Mayor of Speyer, Hanspeter Brohm, and the rehearsal for the first highlight concert at the historical St. Joseph Kirche in Speyer on June 20, 2007.

We hope you enjoy those short clips (the quality might vary due to your internet connection) and look forward to your comments and greetings to the Summit Children's Touring Choir which you can leave in this blog.

Please check back here and on Incantato's main website http://www.incantato.net/ for frequent updates on the SCS Central European Tour 2007. A special section is dedicated to this fine youth choir and can be accessed directly by clicking www.incantato.net/concerts.

Auf Wiederlesen aus Deutschland, Sandra

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