"Cantano come Angeli" - Chapman Recital at the Duomo a success

The Chapman University Choir took the audience by storm with their recital in the beautiful Duomo this afternoon.

Despite being on the road and in the air for almost a whole day, the singers amazed the audience of well over 100 at the Milan Cathedral when the sang for the first time on their Italian Performance Tour. An older Italian gentleman came up to Incantato Tour Manager Petra and complimented the group by saying: "Cantano come angeli" (They sing like angels)

Below is the schedule for the upcoming concerts:
Fusioni musicali
The Chapman University Choir

il Coro dell’Universita’ di Chapman

Venerdì 23 Maggio alle ore 20:30

May 23, 8:30 pm - Concert

Chiesa di San Moisè - San Marco 1390A – Venezia

Domenica 25 Maggio alle ore 21

May 25, 9 pm - Concert

Chiesa di San Gaetano – Piazza Antinori – Firenze

con Gruppo Vocale Lucchese “Il Baluardo”

Mercoledì 28 Maggio ore 17:30

May 28, 5:30 PM - Mass & Concert

Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere – Roma

Giovedì 29 Maggio ore 17

May 29, 5 PM - High Mass

Basilica di San Pietro – Roma