"Siete Bravi! Ma mamma mia che siete bravi!" - First fomal Quire concerto in Italia a great success

The Quire of Voyces took Maiori by storm. Their first highlight concert at the Church of San Francesco was a great success.
The singers from Santa Barbara, California under the direction of Nathan Kreitzer were warmly welcomed by already over 150 people, but the audience continued to grow and soon there was standing room only. Since there was non-stop opening and closing of the chuch gates, the Parish Priest, Don Domenico re-opened the doors and the locals just kept coming in. The audience loved the various selections from the Quire repertoire and in particular Michael Eglin's arrangement of the popular spiritual "Sometimes I feel like a motherless child!". The people of Maiori demanded not one but two encores. Minute-long applause and standing ovations were followed by an emotional speech and thank yous from Don Domenico who was so moved that he uttered: "Siete bravi! Mamma mia che siete bravi!"