Over 5,000 page views already - Quire of Voyces Italy Blog is in high demand

The Quire Bella Italia Incantato Tour blog has already received over 5,000 page visits and we thank you for interest in the adventures of the Santa Barbara based choir under the direction of Nathan Kreitzer which are featured in excerpts here as well. For all of you interested in seeing everything that happens, we recommend you bookmark: http://qov-incantatotour.blogspot.com/. Now that the group is on the ground in beautiful Italy, their blog may be updated several times per day with pictures and videos. Don't forget to check out older posts as well. And just in case you don't want to miss anything, you can receive regular updates by becomming a follower on each respective blog or leave comments and greetings by hitting the comment buttons after every post entry. Don't worry, your email address is safe and you won't be contacted with anything but the news you want to receive. Arriverderci!