Belcanto performs at Church of St. Havel in Chlumec u Ústí nad Labem on Monday, June 28, at 5 pm - Exchange concert!

Incantato Tours proudly presents the Belcanto concert venue for Monday, June 28 at 5 pm: Kostel s. Havla (Church of St. Havel) in Chlumec u Ústí nad Labem. And it's not only the church that makes the performance on that day special: The performers under the direction of Bruce Koliha are going to meet and sing with the local choir, "Chlumecky pevecky sbor". Concert Manager for Central Europe, Karolina, connected with the local choir and their director for a special exchange and concert in 2007, and a friendship started between the group and several of us at Incantato. In 2009, the Chlumec Choir visited the US and the choir they had hosted - now for 2010, they invited the Monte Vista High School Choir to visit them and their families. To learn more about the choir, please click here.
Today's Church of St. Havel was built on the site of an older Gothic church, around the year 1359. In 1590 it was rebuilt in Baroque style. 1813 the church was damaged and some years later rebuilt again. In the tower there is a beautiful bell (1687) designed by Nicholas Loew. Inside you can also find historic Renaissance tombs of the noble family Kölbl von Geising. The organ dates from the year 1852.