A prime venue with perks: Next Cole Conservatory Choir Concert at the Benedictine Abbey of Goettweig on June 3 at 7:30 pm

The Benedictine Abbey situated on the Göttweig Mountain, is - because of its location - sometimes called the Austrian Montecassino. The Monastery founded in 1083 by Saint Altmann sits on a hill 449 m above sea level in the Dunkelsteiner Forest south oft the city of Krems, on the eastern edge of the world-famous Danube Valley called the Wachau. With the Wachau, Göttweig was in 2001 placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. And on Thursday, June 3, 2010, the Bob Cole Conservatory Choir will be performing in the prestigious Stiftskirche pictured below at 7:30 pm.
Goettweig Abbey by Herr Specht.

At first, Augustines worked here, to be followed in 1094 by Benedictine monks from the Monastery of St. Blasien in the Black Forest. The Benedictines have been living, learning and teaching on Göttweig Mountain for more than 900 years. The goal of their life is to glorify God in prayer and work according to the Rule of their Order’s founder, Saint Benedict, the Patron Saint of Europe. Currently 54 monks belong to the monastic community. More than 30 of them give pastoral care to parishioners and pilgrims in the Dioceses of Vienna and St. Pölten.Forestry and viticulture have been the economic basis of the Monastery since it was founded - today completed by various touristic and economic efforts.
Incantato is very proud to co-organize concerts in the Benedictine Abbey’s magnificent Stiftskirche. For more information, visit the official website Benediktiner Stift Goettweig
The Bob Cole Conservatory Touring Choir has the unique opportunity to stay overnight in the former boys school dormitory, now a guest house for youth. While the website is only in German, the pictures will give you a pretty good idea about the place and I can only tell you from various experiences how magical it is too stay there as you feel like living in a castle (okay, not the fancy part of it, but still).
Auf Wiedersehen in Austria. Eintritt ist frei