"This place makes me cry": Impressions of Teatro di Rieti

One of our favorite moments during an Incantato choir tour of Italy is the moment a choir first sees the gorgeous Teatro di Rieti. This time, we caught the San Marino choir on film. Check out the videos below to see for yourselves, as well as some of the reactions we overheard from awed students.

"No way."

"It's like we're famous."

pon entering the theater, students gasped, snapped pictures, and stared at the ceiling, mouths open. "It's mesmerizing."
Normally as noisy as you'd expect 70 high school students to be, the beauty of the theater caused the choir students to fall silent. In fact, when Incantato Tours owner Sandra Weihnacht told them they could talk, they stayed silent. "This is gorgeous," said one student. "This place makes me cry."