San Marino Chamber Choir sings at Toledo Cathedral April 5 at 6 pm

We sure keep the San Marino Chamber Choir busy, but there are so many wonderful places to see in Spain and an 11 day tour goes by very fast. The singers next stop is the beautiful town of Toledo and Incantato Concert Manager Katia managed to get an invite for the wonderful ensemble directed by Howard Cheung to be the featured guest choir for High Mass at Toledo Cathedral, known as one of the greatest Gothic Cathedrals in the World and the third largest in Spain. If you are nearby, come see and hear them perform at 6 pm on Easter Monday April 5 - a national holiday in many European countries.

Now some words, a summary of the art highlights and a link for much more information about this spectacular venue we are thrilled to offer during the SMCC Incantato Tour:
Toledo Cathedral Toledo is ranked among the greatest Gothic structures in Europe. Inside, the cathedral contains important masterpieces including a spectacular baroque high altar and two paintings by El Greco. Toledo Cathedral stands on the site of the Great Mosque of Toledo, which itself had replaced a Visigothic church. Built from 1226 to 1493, the long process is reflected in Toledo Cathedral's variety of styles. Many historic events have been hosted in the cathedral over the years, including the proclamation of Joanna the Mad and her husband, Philip the Handsome, as heirs to the throne of Spain.The primarily 13th-century architecture of Toledo cathedral was inspired by the Gothic cathedrals of France such as
Chartres, but the squat proportions give it a Spanish feel, as do the wealth and weight of the furnishings and the location of the elaborate choir in the center of the nave.

For more information and pictures, visit this website.