The Falcon Choirs in Germany: 11 days full of fun and music with Incantato Tours

The Falcon Choirs from Crescenta Valley High School are back from their trip to Germany! The 11 days flew by, the students experienced and learned a lot. Here is a summary of the adventures written down from the bloggers Annie Lawler and Cody Chase:

Munich: From the Olympiastadion to the Marienplatz
We made it safe and sound, and had an excellent first day here. The flight over was quite smooth and was filled with entertainment. We landed nearly an hour ahead of schedule and on the way to the hotel enjoyed a short tour of Munich. Later that night we had an amazing Bavarian dinner at the hotel before knocking out for the night. Today we went on a real tour of Munich, seeing the grounds where they held the Olympics in the 70's, the English Gardens, and the Glockenspiel. At 6 pm we got back together for dinner at the “Augustiner”.

Easter Sunday Performance: An Amazing Cultural Experience
Our 2nd full day in Germany was just as amazing and busy as the first. We performed at the Easter service at St. Lucas Church and then had a short concert. The service was beautiful and an amazing cultural experience. And the concert was well attended, and we sounded AMAZING in the cathedral space. It was amazing to sing in there. Later that day we went to the BMW museum for lunch and then to Osterfest (the Easter festival in Munich) where most of us went up in the Olympiaturm. There was hardly enough time to see everything, but our busy schedule called and we had to run off to dinner at the Hofbräuhaus.

Like Prince and Princess in Castle Neuschwanstein
On Monday we left Munich bright and early for our long day of driving. Our first stop was Neuschwanstein, the castle disney modeled their castle after. It was beautiful on the outside and even better on the inside. Then it was back on the bus to get to a beautiful church in Steingaden. We performed in our casual/nice attire to a small audience at first, but one that kept growing as the concert progressed. We spent only a few minutes at the church after that because we had to move out once again in order to make it to Rothenburg on time for our night tour of the city. We were picked up at out hotel by someone dressed as the 'night watchman' that the old city would have had. It was a great day.

Snowballs - with Chocolate! And: Is it Already Christmas?
Then it was Tuesday. We had the whole morning to run around Rothenburg and do what we pleased. Many of u tried a 'snowball'. They are a Rothenburg specialty that's basically doughnut batter fried and put into the shape of a ball before being dipped in chocolate. There was also one of the largest Christmas stores in the world in that small town, and the crime museum. There was so much to do and see, no one wanted to leave, but we had to go on to our next destination: Chemnitz. There we performed again. The concert had over 100 people in attendance!

Lifting up the Spirits in Berlin
So its Friday night here in Berlin and a few hours ago we had our last concert of the tour. We had a decent sized audience that provided the needed energy that we couldn’t gather up by ourselves after such a great and exhausting trip. Even when we don’t feel like we sang as best as we could’ve there always seems to be at least one audience member that has something to say that lifts our spirits right back up. I truly don’t believe we could’ve had a better tour with better performances. And with only one more full day to go, I can say that this trip has been worth every dollar and euro that has gone into it. I’m going to miss Germany a lot. I don’t know that I could live here or anything like that, but it sure is an amazing place to visit, and the memories that the 2009-2010 CVHS Falcon Choir has made on this trip will never be forgotten.