San Marino Chamber Choir sings at San Pedro in magical Cuenca at 8 pm

The San Marino Chamber Choir under the direction of  Howard Cheung is visiting Cuenca today. Incantato Tours got the singers permission for  a concert at the Iglesia de San Pedro in Cuenca at 8 pm this Tuesday.
Here are some interesting facts about the venue: San  Pedro is located on the top of the city of Cuenca. Historian found out  that the stone-built church was hard-fought in the 15th century. The  building was completely finished in 1604 and covered with magnificent  inlaying of Mudejar style. By the end of 1660 there was just a ruin  left, but it was rebuild fast. In the 18th century the church, like many  others of the diocese of Cuenca, was totally renewed. The one in charge  of this renovation was the architect Jose Martin from Aldehuela. After  the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) San Pedro had  to be reconstructed again because of the big destructions that it  suffered during the war. When you have a close look at the church you  will discover stone sculptures and pretty ornaments.
The picture is from the website www.spain.info.