YPAS Tour Day 2 - Live commentaries from the Incantato Tour busses

Maestro Dr. S. Timothy Glasscock, Director of the YPAS Touring Concert Choir, was the first to answer his new Spanish cell phone - courtesy of Incantato. "The first day was fine and as smooth as it could be", he commented. Yes, the flights were exhausting, but food and service had been nice and best of all: "The kids were very well behaved." He reported no issues at all and was very pleased with the Incantato team in Europe: "We really enjoyed the nice tour, the hotel rooms were just fine, so everything is great." On Stefania's bus, Mrs. Landgrave had only positive things to say: "Everybody is good, they are having fun, but we are still a bit tired." She too was happy with the arrangements so far.
The group left Madrid after breakfast and is heading North to Segovia. Dr. Glasscock and the singers are looking forward to their first singing abroad opportunity later today. Prior to the recital at the Church of San Juan de los Cabelleros in Segovia, the choir will be rehearsing in the venue in the early afternoon. "An informal concert is the perfect first performance", the director said: "Less pressure on the kids, but a great opportunity to sing in a beautiful historical venue." And there may well be an audience beyond the entourage although we refrained from advertising the recital as per Dr. Glasscock's request. We will keep you all updated.