YPAS Concert Choir makes the news in Oviedo - UPDATED

The Louisville Youth Performing Arts School's Touring Concert Choir is making some noise in and around Oviedo - and even more so on the day of the highlight performance on March 29 at 8 pm as you can see from the updated link listing. We at Incantato Tours take great pride in professional concert management and marketing for the fine choirs that travel abroad with our organization. There are also radio announcements and flyers (like the one on the right) to be seen all over town and the nearby cities. We thought to share some of the coverage here with you and recommend you check-in frequently as we will be posting pictures and most likely some video coverage of both the rehearsal and actual concert. Here is a link to the concert announcement on the Prince of Asturias Foundation for the Performing Arts, a wonderful organization Incantato proudly partners with for this very special event tomorrow: http://www.fundacionprincipedeasturias.org/esp/01/noticia1289.html

Have a look at these concert announcements too:
ELCOMERCIO DIGITAL (this one is particularly nice!)
The AUDITORIO Palacio de Congresos Principe Felice named the concert the top event for March 29

And here is the announcement in the local events magazine (keep scrolling down til you find March 29): http://www.laguiago.com/upload/ficheros/revistas/200903/go_asturias_marzo.pdf
Did we tell you already that YPAS tour manager Katia calls Oviedo her hometown? It is just one of many reasons why we included this gem town into your tour. Stepping off the beaten tourist path when traveling abroad is something we encourage whenever possible as not only will you discover places you have not heard before, but here you will find pople that are genuinely interested in getting to know you and those moments usually are the most rewarding.
Last not least, have a look at the Oviedo Youth Choir that the group will be meeting tomorrow for a joined rehearsal, the highlight concert and a cultural exchange afterwards: