Happy Easter from Incantato Tours!

Incantato Concert Tours wishes everyone Happy Easter or "Frohe Ostern" how we would say it in Germany.

Here are some interesting worldwide Easter facts you may not know:

1. It is said that Australians are the largest consumers of Easter eggs in the world, but as the Easter bunny is known to have a bad history of destroying the vegetable crops, the eggs are strangely provided by the Easter Bilby (an endangered species in Australia).

2. Germans decorate their trees with colored Easter eggs, some even with 9,000 eggs on one tree as seen in Saalfeld, Germany. The egg is used a symbol for the ideas of rebirth and resurrection associated with Easter.

3. Greeks dye their Easter eggs all in one color: red (as a symbol for Jesus’ blood).

4. Parts of Switzerland, Austria and Germany have an old Easter tradition of decorating wells in order to celebrate the gift of water: life. They decorate the wells with beautifully painted eggs and spring flowers.