Incantato proudly presents the Frost Chorale at Church of San Pedro in Cuenca on Friday, May 20

The singers of the Frost Chorale from Miami, Florida, will perform at the Church of San Pedro in Cuenca on Friday, May 20, 2011.
The Church of San Pedro, located within the hilltop town of Cuenca, was built in the twelfth century atop the ruins of an ancient mosque, shortly after the city was conquered by Alfonso VIII. In the mid-fifteenth century, the church played an important role as ally to Bishop Lope de Barrientos throughout his battles with Don Diego Hurtado de Mendoa, the Marquis of Canete.
The original church was destroyed in 1499 and rebuilt in 1604 only to fall to ruins once again during the War of Succession in 1700. Later in the eighteenth century, during the Episcopate of Don Jose Florez Osorio, the church, like many others within the diocese of Cuenca, underwent complete renovation under the design of architect Jose Martin de Aldehuela.
The present structure boasts an octagonal shape and a large dome covered in intricate lunette detail. They exterior is a prime example of Baroque architecture. Due to both its vast historical significance as well as its unique architectural value, the Church or San Pedro remains the most recognized church in all of Cuenca.