Incantato Performance Venue: Church of Saint Michael, Budapest

The Church of St. Michael in Budapest was built in the 18th century on the spot of a medieval dominican church destroyed during Turkish wars. A temporary chapel stood here between 1700 and 1716, and the present church was completed in 1765. The figure of the Virgin Mary adorning its frontal facade is thought to have been created by Donner. Statues of Saint Dominic and Saint Thomas Aquinas carved by Joseph Hebenstreit also decorate this facade. The church had a vivid history in the XIXth century: although destroyed by fire and floods, it managed to survive and and has since been restored. The latest restoration started in 1999. The single-naved church was decorated with ceiling frescoes and side paintings in the middle of the 18th century. The main altar, inlaid benches, and furniture of the sacristy date back to 1760, all works of Dominican monks. The main altar shows St. Dominic with the Virgin Mary handing a rosary to him.
In addition to its stunning interior, St. Michael’s also provides excellent acoustics that enhance the rich sounds of a lone soloist or a full orchestra. The first organ of the church was built in 1801 by organ builder Joseph Herodek and was entirely rebuilt by the Rieger company in 1893. It was again renovated in 1951. The newest Phoenix organ has 44 register (see info below). For more information on the church and a virtual visit, click here.