"Tog Mi Spirad" - Riverside City College Chamber Singers sing at Christ Church in Dublin on July 6 at 1.15 pm

The theme of the Riverside City College (RCC) Chamber Singers' 2009 Incantato Tour "Tog mi Spirad" is Gaelic for "Lift my Spirit" which nicely sums up the repertoire comprised of works from both American and European composers that the singers from Riverside, California have prepared both for the tour as well as their participation the International Music Eistedfodd in Llangollen. After singing at the US Embassy on the 4th of July and at St. Bartholomew Parish on July 5, the choir is singing at Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin. The lunchtime concert begins at 1.15 pm.
Music plays a very important role at Christ Church Cathedral. Thus it states on the website: "Music can be plain or elaborate, but right tunes and words always signify God and His mighty acts. This is why creation, incarnation, and sanctification constitute the essence of sacred music." In Tune with Heaven, the Report of the Archbishops' Commission on Church Music.
At Christ Church, Choral services are sung five times per week during term time either by the professional mixed-adult Cathedral Choir or by the Cathedral Girls' Choir. In addition, visiting choirs are always welcome at Christ Church. Choirs come from all over the world to sing in the unique surroundings of our nine centuries-old cathedral and to enjoy life in Ireland's vibrant capital city.

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The concert on Monday, July 6 will be the last performance in Dublin for RCC, but already on Tuesday, the first member of the choir will enter the competition in Llangollen. The choir is taking the ferry early in the morning as the Riverside City College Chamber Singers continue their journey to Wales where they will be until July 13.

For more information on the Festival & Competition in Wales, visit the official website:
Llangollen 2009