Impressions from the Carmina Burana Festival on the Amalfi Coast

Bravissimo, siete bravissimi!! The Carmina Burana Festival Concert on June 27 at the Anfiteatro del Porto in Maiori attracted wellover 1000 guests and they were amazed by the powerful performance of Carl Orff's masterwork by the choirs from California and North Carolina under the direction of Dr. Jonathan Talberg. 120 singers and the State Symphony Orchestra from the Russian Republic of Udmurtia enchanted the international audience. The Incantato Festival Choir received minute-long applause and standing ovations. The soloists were: Tyler Alessi (Baritone), Ashley Seaton (Tenor) and Dr. Andrew Crane (Tenor). The pianists: Christopher Luthi and Joshua Tuburan. The singers came from the following choirs: The California State University Chamber Choir & University Choir, The Carolina International Chorale and The California State University Chamber Singers.
For impressions from the Festival Concert, please view the slide show below.

This is a video recording of the concert opening:

The 2008 Incantato Festival on the Amalfi Coast was organized by New York based Incantato Tours & Concert Management in cooperation with the Azienda Autonoma di Soggiorno e Turismo di Maiori (Grazie mille, to Dr. Giacobbe Ruocco and his team). The event was under the patronage of the American Consulate in Naples and supported by the Regione di Campania and various local organizations.