Chapman University Choir is getting ready for "Gems of Bella Italia"-Tour

The Chapman University Choir's 2008 Performance Tour to Italy begins on May 20 with an overnight flight to Europe. Many exciting events and beautiful concerts await the ensemble from Orange, California under the direction of Joseph Modica on their 12-day performance tour.

The 50+ singers from Orange, California travel to Milan, Venice, Florence, Siena, Assisi and Rome on a custom-designed itinerary from Incantato Tours & Concert Management. Our team is honored to work with and for this fine organization and we surely look forward to hearing the choir sing in the amazing venues we managed to secure for them - starting with the Duomo of Milan and ending with a special recital in the Sistine Chapel.

One of Incantato's trademarks is to provide the fine choirs traveling with us with professional marketing materials. Below, we proudly present the concert poster and postcard our designer has created especially for the Chapman University Choir. 5000 postcards and several hundred posters in various sizes along with e-files will advertise the three formal concerts both in convential and new ways.For more information, please contact us via email to: info@incantatotours.com