Grande Finale for COTS - Choir performs at Duomo di Caldiero on July 3

Tonight, the Choir of the Sound performs at the Duomo di Caldiero.

The 52 singers directed by Judy Filibeck are the headliner for the highlight concert in the Soave Choir Festival. The Seattle group is a special guest of the Coro Città di Soave who is very much looking forward to meet them. The concert will also feature the Oakville Children Choir and the Coro Polifonico di Caldiera.

After a morning at leisure in Verona, COTS is now heading to Soave for a guided visit of a local cantina and some wine tasting followed by a joined rehearsal with the three other choirs. One of many highlights will be the performance of the Italian classic "Signore" by all four choirs under the direction of Mrs. Filibeck.

The day will conclude with a fun farewell buffet al fresco where all singers, their family and friends have an opportunirty to mingle, meet and enjoy local specialties together.