Château Vaux-le-Vicomte a top destination not just for Incantato Tours

The long anticipated 2014 Enchanting Europe Tour with Belcanto directed by Mr. Bruce Koliha came to an end.
The group arrived safely back home in California, visited vibrant European capital cities such as London, Paris and Rome and made wonderful experiences along the way.

One of their top destinations during their tour with Incantato Tour was the privately owned legendary Château Vaux-le-Vicomte located in Maincy, France where they had a wonderful concert on Saturday July 5, 2014 in the stunning Grand Hall. This surely was a royal experience. If you are interested in the wonderful acoustics the château has to offer, please have a look at one of the Belcanto performances here on our Facebook page.

The baroque château was built from 1658 to 1661 for Nicolas Fouquet, Marquis de Belle Île, Viscount of Melun and Vaux, the superintendent of finances of Louis XIV. It was an influential work of architecture in mid-17th-century Europe. 
At Vaux-le-Vicomte, the architect Louis Le Vau, the landscape architect André le Nôtre, and the painter-decorator Charles Le Brun worked together on a large-scale project for the first time. Their collaboration marked the beginning of the "Louis XIV style" combining architecture, interior and landscape design. 

It is no wonder why every year many visitors travel to the château, which is located 1.5 hours outside of Paris, or why celebrities travel here for their destination weddings. When you step onto its grounds, you get an immediate royal feeling. It is almost like you are the living character of a fairytale. Where ever you look there is something interesting and incredibly beautiful to discover.
Even high-end magazines such as the Jetset Magazine, which is the number one affluent lifestyle print and online resource writes an article about this magnificent place as you can see here.

Incantato Tours recommends everyone who is traveling France to take the time and visit Château Vaux-le-Vicomte. You will not regret it!